Term dates:


Classes at Earlsdon Park Village will be running through summer.


Xcel classes will be restarting in September but if the weather is good we may practice in the Memorial Park over summer.


Please contact Carol on 07810 575100 or taichiearlsdon@outlook.com if you are interested in joining either class.

Coventry & Earlsdon T'ai Chi

What is T’ai Chi?


T’ai Chi is a gentle but powerful system of movements and exercises designed to improve wellbeing and help us to operate harmoniously with our surroundings.


How can T’ai Chi benefit me?


T’ai Chi can:


Reduce stress - modern life places strains on the mind and the body that they were never designed to cope with. Over time, worries and mental anguish can manifest themselves as physical symptoms. 

T’ai chi helps with this in a number of ways - firstly, physical exercise in itself has been proven to be an effective treatment for illnesses such as mild to moderate depression. 
Secondly, the meditative nature of T’ai Chi gives the mind a chance to rest. Meditation has been shown to actually cause growth in areas of the brain associated with attention and processing sensory input. Put these two things together and you end up with something unlike most Western forms of exercise.

Improve health - beyond reducing stress which is a significant cause of illness in Britain, regular practice of t’ai chi improves the immune system and conditions the internal organs (which are not really considered in other forms of exercise). Chi Gung has been shown to significantly increase Bone Mass Density when compared to a control group.

Improve flexibility - most of the exercises in t’ai chi focus not on building up individual sets of muscles which can lead to stiffness, fatigue and injuries in later life, but on the movement of the joints through exercises which flow from one pose to another.

Improve balance - whether in a self defence situation or just in general life, good balance can mean the difference between a trip to hospital and a normal day. 

Improve circulation - t'ai chi has been shown to be as good for cardiovascular health as activities such as zumba. It also increases the circulation to the internal organs which ultimately govern how well we feel. 


Who can do T’ai Chi?

T’ai Chi is suitable for people of all ages. Older people may find Lee Style easier than other styles as it tends not to use “deep” stances but it is equally suitable for younger practitioners. In fact, the earlier you start, the greater the benefit will be to your life. Beginners are always welcome at the class.


How much does it cost?

Xcel classes are £7 for 11/2 hours, Earlsdon Park Village classes are £5 for 1 hour for non-residents (reduced rate available for Earlsdon Park residents/gym members).


How do I find the class?


Friday day classes are at Earlsdon Park Village which is on the Albany Road, just after the railway bridge as you head into town. Ask at reception for details.


The Xcel classes are held in the dance studio at the Xcel Leisure Centre. The dance studio is at the top of the back stairs.












Come and join in:

Fridays 11am - midday

Earlsdon Park Village

Albany Road




Fridays 1pm - 2:30pm

Xcel Leisure Centre

Mitchell Ave.



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If you have any queries, please contact Carol:


Tel: 01926 737054

Mobile: 07810 575100





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